Our sizing is flexible

One of our favorite aspects of K-Pantyhose is how flexible the sizing is. When we say “one size fits all”, we really mean it because it will fit most body type comfortably. We also carry larger sizes as well to ensure every body type can experience our luxury pantyhose. 


If you still have questions about sizing or which product is best for you, please reach out via email and we can ensure the best pair for your body type. Reach out to



Korean Pantyhose Size Chart


* Do you ship discretely?

Yes! The package is neutral and listed as “socks”

* What does “One Size Fits All” mean?

One size fits all means they should fit most body types. This should cover 90% of women and mens sizing


* Where are these pantyhose produced?

We source all our pantyhose and tights directly from Korea to ensure you get the smooth, soft look that Korean hosiery is known for.


* Do you accept returns?

We do not accept returns due to hygiene as there is no way for us to prove if the pantyhose or tights have been worn by you. If you have any questions or concerns before ordering, please reach out to us to ensure you’re purchasing the right product.


* Are KPantyhose for men or women?

We source all sizes and types of pantyhose no matter what gender you are. Pantyhose should be worn by anyone who wants to wear them and we support that choice. If you are unsure what size is best for you, send us an email and we will find you the perfect fit.


* Where do you ship?

We are happy to ship anywhere in the world via Canada Post. For USA/Canada orders, tracking numbers will be provided with all orders, free of charge.