We like to support all body types and genders, which is why we sell pantyhose in sizes for everyone. If you are someone interested in crossdressing, we have some suggestions for crossdressers who like pantyhose. We import all our our pantyhose from Korea, with sizes for men as well. We know that men like to wear pantyhose as well so we put a focus on providing pantyhose for all genders. This article focuses on helping those who like to crossdress and wear pantyhose. We have some suggestions for you below, these are the best pantyhose for crossdressing.

  1. Peach 80 Denier Pantyhose – Very comfortable pantyhose for men and matches most skin tones.
  2. Coffee 80 Denier Pantyhose – An absolute favorite for any crossdresser, these give your legs a nice tan
  3. White 80 Denier Pantyhose – White Pantyhose are a classic for that school girl look
  4. Black 20 Denier XXL Pantyhose – Some black sheer pantyhose for that office look, in sizes for me
  5. Coffee 20 Denier XXL Pantyhose – Subtle tan in a larger size

We have many other pantyhose and tights in stock that are great for crossdressing. These are just some of our favorite pantyhose for crossdressers that we like to style up. These selections are some of our most popular orders from men as well, so we know these pantyhose are popular with men since our data reflects that.

We hope this article helps all crossdressers looking for pantyhose and we thank you for taking the time to read it.