Pantyhose have commonly been marketed to women only, but the reality of the sales data shows that men are outpacing women in hosiery sales. In a time where fluid fashion is the norm, we expected to see men starting to wear pantyhose more and more. Why should enjoying silky smooth hosiery be limited to one gender only? Let those legs shine! In this article, we will be discussing what pantyhose are best for men and what we offer to support the men’s pantyhose movement.

Korean Pantyhose
20 Denier and 80 Denier KPantyhose

How to Size Pantyhose For Men

Depending on your body type, you’ll need to choose the denier and size carefully. Some pantyhose for men include a fly for more comfort in the crotch area and others have extra flexibility in the control top area. At KPantyhose, we stock 20 Denier in larger sizes for men and the 80 denier has been popular among our male customers as well. The reason being is our control top is extremely stretchy so there will no discomfort no matter who is wearing them. We wanted to make sure that every pair of pantyhose fits every person with the same level of comfort.

What Denier Pantyhose Are Best For Men?

This question gets asked a lot, but we don’t think there is a specific denier that is best for men. It really depends on what your use case is and what you wear them with. For example, if you want to wear them out in the sun and show your legs off, grab some 20 Denier Pantyhose. But if you are wearing them under pants to stay warm in the winter, we would suggest trying some 80 Denier Pantyhose that have a little bit more longevity and can survive rubbing against jeans or other pants.

I’m a man who likes Pantyhose, is that weird?

No! Not at all! Men should be able to wear whatever they want to and we fully support men wearing pantyhose. In fact, we support the movement so much that we actually had all genders in mind when we created this company. We know that our customer base is very diverse and we wanted to be as inclusive as we possibly could. No one should feel weird or ashamed for wearing pantyhose, especially men. We expect that men wearing pantyhose will be a cultural norm in the coming years, so if you’re a man who wears pantyhose, you’re just ahead of the trend!

Is Shipping Discrete?

We understand that men who want to buy pantyhose also want to protect their privacy when ordering them which is why all our packaging is 100% discrete. If you are ordering internationally, we declare all our products as “socks” on the customs import form to ensure the package doesn’t raise any interest by your household. You shouldn’t be ashamed to order pantyhose, however we want to respect the privacy and rights of all our customers.

What Are The Best Pantyhose For Men?

80 Denier “Coffee” are our most popular pantyhose among men. Very soft and sexy.

20 Denier Korean Pantyhose

20 Denier “Peach” Pantyhose. These are available in one size fits all and XXL. These will fit men and women.


If you are a man thinking about ordering your first pair of pantyhose, absolutely do it! You have nothing to worry about and everything to gain. As long as this company exists, we will support all genders and be as inclusive as possible. We hope you try some of our suggestions and if you have any additional questions, please feel free to reach out to our team.