K-Pop is exploding with popularity in North America and it’s bringing new fashion trends with it. One of the major fashion trends is Korean style Pantyhose, also known as K-Pop legs. These pantyhose are different than traditional Western Pantyhose in a number of different ways. In this article we will explain what makes Korean Pantyhose and tights so unique.

Korean Pantyhose , peach color
Korean Pantyhose Peach Color

How are Korean Pantyhose Different?

Most Korean Pantyhose are used to “blur” the legs more so with creamier skin tones. It gives the legs a softer, smoother appearance and are usually extremely comfortable. Western Pantyhose focus more on enhancing the legs natural features with shine and glitter, but are often restricting and tight. In our K-Pantyhose, we source the softest Korean Tights with the most comfortable waistbands to ensure long term comfort; they feel like no waistband pantyhose.

What Pantyhose do K-Pop Singers Wear?

K-Pop Pantyhose

This may not surprise you, but K-Pop singers wear Korean pantyhose and tights. Our brand of K-Pantyhose emulates the same tights and pantyhose that K-Pop stars wear. Often the shades are quite simple, yet elegant such as: black, peach or coffee color.

Korean Pantyhose have the advantage of being quite flexible and great for dancing. They also look quite good when layered with a pair of fishnets over top, which is quite a popular look as well.

Where can I buy Korean Pantyhose if i’m not in Korea?

That is exactly why we started kpantyhose.com, to bring Korean Pantyhose to the western market. If you live in Korea, you are probably familiar with how great the pantyhose are and that is why brought our company to Canada and the USA with worldwide shipping.